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Christmas Music

  Many people are talking about Christmas music. Our local stations have begun playing it, and shops like Macy’s have a Christmas tune every fifth song. This reminded me of my favorite Christmas Collection, the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs (Christmas album). If you haven’t heard, or BOUGHT, any of the Hotel Cafe` Winter Songs album […]

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Rhonda Kane - Accidentally hit enter before I was done… So glad you & Sarah get to begin experiencing the joy of sharing Christmas with your own child. I’m sure it will bring you so much joy. Here’s to new traditions!!!

Rhonda Kane - Children make The Christmas season so much more magical and they are the best reason to slow down and not only, teach them what Christmas is really about, but live it as their example.

Julie White - Love, love, love CHRISTmas such a special time to bad we can’t keep all the Decorations and lights up all the time. Well I guess I could but people would probably think I was little off in the head 😉 oh wait they already do!

Sarah Allen - Great post, darling! I’m excited to carry on and start new traditions with you and Johnny.

Adam Allen Photography - Awe… Wow thank you melony!

Melony Lemon Holt - That made me tear up! Adam you are such a beautiful person! Johnny is so lucky to have you and Sarah has parents!

Four Year Anniversary!!! And the progress in my journey.

As of today March 14, 2013 I have been a photographer for four years. Praise God, I’m sincerely excited to share the story of this last year. I’ve learned so much about myself, photographic expression, and photographic technique. Today I’m seeing Eric Clapton!!!!!!!!! This is seriously the best gift I could be given to celebrate […]

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Adam Allen - @[741320037:2048:Jo Julia Ramsey] Oh just saw you posted this back in March? ha ha ha. That’s funny. had no clue you posted it.

Adam Allen - You’re very sweet Jo. I didn’t really tag anyone this time. I was busy watching Eric Clapton when this auto posted. ha ha. I’m excited for our baby too. Thank you for being a friend!

Jo Julia Ramsey - @[1280467127:2048:Adam Allen]… I thought I wrote this on your page…but it’s on my page…hmmm….

Jo Julia Ramsey - DUUUUUUUUUUDE! How are you not going to tell a sista geesh! I just love you and Sarah to bits and I am so incredibly thrilled that you are making another Allen! Your work has certainly progressed over the years! I am so excited to see where you go next, and am even more honored that I can call you my friend. Very awesome……Oh yeah…I totally still have your present from NY sitting here! Boy am I terrible at mailing things!

Christina Baltazar - Congratulations Adam! Your work is amazing! Keep it up and you will go far!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

George N Margie Watson - Congratulations! Wonderful pictures, you’ve come so far in your talent in such a short time. Many more years of success to you and Sarah.

Anahy - It’s been a real pleasure watching you grow as an artist and person! Rock on!

The Day Two of my Best Friends Became Parents

 November 1st 2012 Two of my best friends legally became the parents of Deonte Reynold’s today. I’m not going to bare the full story of my close friends Diana and Kyle here on the internet. Just know that Diana and Kyle are two people that I love with the deep part of my heart. After […]

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Jessica Lynn Kelly Harrington - I had an energetic healer tell me this week after an hour session with moe and I…that “soulmates” come in many forms…I believe it because that dog and I are connected more than I am with any other living being I know of at this point!!!

Alison Maynard - what a special day! I am so happy for my cousin and his beautiful wife and son:) I cant wait to one day meet my new cousin Deonte! Much love

Sarah Burgeson - I read the blog…what a special thing for a friend to do by posting that. Congrats to the special family!

Sarah Burgeson - Congratulations and God IS good!

Darlene Rae Kelly - Congratulations to Kyle, Diana, and Deonte! These photos just fill my heart with joy. It is so totally awesome how the LORD ‘matches’ up families! Kyle and Diana will find Deonte is VERY much like them over the years. It’s how our God rolls!

Anahy - Congrats, everyone! What an awesome day!