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About Me – My Photographic Journey Over the Last Two Years

As of March 14th, 2011 I have been officially using the photographic medium to express myself for two years. This post is a look back at some of my favorite photos from each month of the last two years. It’s a look at how my photographic expression has matured over these last two years. I […]

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Christina - Adam, I have been really impressed with your photography since you started. I would have never known that this wasn’t something you just picked up! God has blessed you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I look forward to seeing the photos to come as well. God Bless!

Jo Ramsey - You ARE a rockstar! No joke! And I’m probably your biggest groupie, haha!! I read the WHOLE thing, and am so inspired and encouraged, as always, with not only your photos, but with all the passion and heart that goes into them. I also think it’s super, SUPER cool, that it was your wife who started the whole thing, and that you two compliment each other so well in following this dream (and I am certain in every other area as well). I am just blown away by all of the time you invest in studying and practicing new techniques. It shows in your work, and has obviously paid off big time. But still, I believe that what you have that is making you so successful is your eye for the perfect shot. Take away all the fancy cameras, lenses, lighting, and software, and you still have what it takes to take those epic shots. When looking at every photo of yours, I’m always thinking “Dang! How did he think of that angle? (Or framing, or use of foreground etc….)”.
Thanks for including me in your credits – that is so stinkin cool, as truly I know I don’t contribute anything to your growth other than being a cheerleader! But apparently that does something! Ha!
You are totally my favorite photographer! I still can only hope that I can be a fraction as good as you when I grow up!
Props on remembering to give Jesus the credit. That’s your ultimate secret ingredient for sure.

TISHA MESTAS - Just beautiful photos..great job!