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Seattle and a Purple Dress Creative Project #6

Seattle and a Purple Dress At the beginning of this year Sarah and I started doing Creative Projects. 12 total planned for the year. It was already a huge blessing to be in Washington for an incredible wedding. But, I really felt like I would be a fool to waist the opportunity to do a […]

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Aaron Hewitt - Seriously, those photos are fantastic. No way in the world you faked it, you just soo good you get accused of cheating.

Aaron Hewitt - No… No way.. you photoshopped that lady walking by.. and the dress and the other girl.. and the bench and that cigarette on the ground. Lol That was really great work. You must have a really good camera. No, jk.

Elizabeth Grace Wissner - this is super awesome!!! 🙂 what is it about you and different colored dresses my friend??? 😉

Jade Ashleigh Miles - OMG! I’m seriously breathless. I think these are some of my favorite shots of yours! The way the sequins are shimmering with warmth in some of those (and anything with single pane window frames I’m a sucker for, I wish I owned all those!).

The colors are magnificent, the model had the perfect expression on all of them. lighting was perfect. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about them 🙂

Breann Lynn Hotz - Love this!

Krystal Galaviz - Awesome! So dramatic…I love it!

Ryan Anderson - That’s my town dude!

Jasen Master - That sky is redunk dude. Makes me miss Seatlle so much.

Erica Houck Photog - beautifulllll!

Maria - DANG Adam Allen! These pictures turned out freaking AMAZING!!! I loooooove the purple sunset! You captured it beautifully! It really does match Emma’s dress. 🙂

Danielle Lacey - I LOOOOVE IT! the ones where she is on the bench are amazing! :))

John Paul N Carly - Wow she is gorgeous!! great photos!

Sara - Beautiful pictures Adam! That sunset is unreal! And she is stunning in that sequin dress!

Anahy - Pretty awesome! That sunset was pretty incredible. Good job, yay!

Fashion Shoot for Stella Laguna Beach in Fresno Creative Project #5

For my fifth creative project, I teamed up with my dear friend, Bre from Tres Jolie Salon. It was a very exciting event for us. Bre and I collaborated last year to build an ad portfolio for a boutique called Sugar and Spice. It was a great experience. Bre is truly a joy to work […]

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Elizabeth Grace Wissner - dang!!! pretty awesome!!!! :DD


Amber Gomez - if i qualify i would love to be a part of the projects u still ned models for!

Maria - This is pretty freakin’ awesome Adam Allen!! 😀

Kelsey Warkentin - AMAZING PHOTOS!!! wow eiii!

Christina Leanne - Wonderful! Love it!

Veronica King - Excellent idea and all my favorite models.

Anahy Ruelas - Oh my flipping gosh! This is amazing! =)