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Third Favorite Photographer

So my third favorite photographer is a bit undecided. I have a few candidates, one is a pretty good runner, but I’m not sure that I want to give her the spot quite yet. What makes a person “my favorite” really isn’t all about technical efficiency, as I’m sure I’ve conveyed by my other favorites […]

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My Favorite Photographer!!! - […] I doubt my love for this man’s work will ever change. As I’ve shared before, “What seals a person as a “favorite” is their ability to change my mind. Their ability to change …“. I’ve not yet seen another photographer’s work that gave me the same chill, the […]

Tyler Jones - Super cool to hear what inspires you. I remember delivering that TIME Magazine with the Pakistani lady on it. Heartbreaking.

Fourth Favorite Photographer

I’m excited to share with you my fourth favorite photographer. He is a huge inspiration to me. Mainly for his business model and “worldly” success. Not that worldly success is what I aspire to. But it is exciting to see him so “successful” because, regardless his success, I really look up to him. His name […]

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Fifth Favorite Photographer

So today I’d like to share with you my fifth favorite photographer. I don’t expect you to be as inspired as I am. I don’t expect you to think she’s as good as I do. But I’ll never forget looking through her work shortly after I shot my third wedding. Hearing the music set to […]

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