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Fifth Favorite Photographer

So today I’d like to share with you my fifth favorite photographer. I don’t expect you to be as inspired as I am. I don’t expect you to think she’s as good as I do. But I’ll never forget looking through her work shortly after I shot my third wedding. Hearing the music set to […]

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Favorite Photographers (Part One)

The above images were inspired by some of the photographers featured in this post. Today I would like to begin sharing my favorite photographers with you. I’m really excited to share with you my list of favorite photographers. I love lists! Not “to do” lists, just lists of things I love or hate. No clue […]

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A Girl, Her Son, and an Awesome Orchard!

Working with someone that treats you with respect, and gives you almost complete creative control, unfortunately, is hard to find. However, I have found just that in my friend Bre. She has a passion for her work, and it’s great to have a friend that shares a passion for creative fashion. We’ve coordinated a few […]

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