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Becoming Content With Who I am. My Internal Transitions of 2011

2011 is coming to a close. In many ways it seems it came too fast. At the same time I’m glad it’s over. 2011 was an intense year for me. It was filled with new friends, new ideas, and new revelations about myself, marriage, relationships, and career(s). I think the quote that may sum up […]

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Alex - This is one of the most open, honest, heart warming blog posts I have ever read and I really admire you for opening up like this online. It takes some real guts. I think we all get down and depressed sometimes. Not want to get out of bed. Not want to create. Not feel good enough. I thank god that you snapped out of it, and that it sounds like you are on the right track again! Good for you! I’m also so happy to hear that you and Sarah are getting closer every day! You are an incredible artist. The photos here are SO BEAUTIFUL and it is so obvious to me that you love what you do. If you continue to pour your heart and soul into your work, I know that you will continue to grow as an artist and I honestly can’t wait to follow along on your journey. 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you, I can feel it. Big hugs and thank you for being so honest here. It was lovely to read.

Golden Orchards Promo!

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that the orchards here in Hanford have turned their beautiful GOLDEN COLOR!!! They’ll only be this color for the next two weeks or so. Of all my family photos I get asked about these the most! I have a few weekdays open for mini-sessions! This is the perfect time […]

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Kasia and the Love Seat Creative Project #8

Several months ago I stumbled onto Once I got there I discovered some sincerely refreshing, honest, and beautiful images. I was just plain struck! I messaged the photographer just to tell her how much I loved her photos. To my pleasant surprise, I got a reply from Kathy Saczuk, and a new Facebook friendship […]

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