Golden Dancer Amy Querin of NOCO Fresno High Fashion Photography

Recently I got to meet up with the very talented and gifted Amy Querin. She runs NOCO dance studio. She writes very elaborate modern dance ballets. She’s very brilliant. We teamed up with Juliana Gomez for makeup and we loved her gold flake idea.

For the most part I just let her dance, and waited to see what we’d come up with.

_DSC8415Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8459Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8698Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8770Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8784Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8912Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC8941Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSC9009Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSF2337Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography_DSF2313Amy Querin Fresno CA Fashion Photography

As always, thank you for letting me share with you. I hope you find a way to express your heart today.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Edwin Monico - Tighttttt

Amy Querin - OMGosh yay! #booty #power #igotagoldenticket

Edwin Monico - Michael Quintero check this out this guy is bomb!

Edwin Monico - Or I can inbox it to your facebook

Edwin Monico - Sweet! I got a questionnaire! Have an email?

Adam Allen - Go for it dog.

Edwin Monico - Can I feature you on my blog?

Ricardo Quesada - Delight it by this pictures, Amy you are a beautifull person, congratulation to all the people that assist making Amy shine.

Adam Allen Photography - And thank you! It was good times.

Adam Allen Photography - You CAN build your own set. Dream big my friend!

Lina Lomeli - like i said great job and the girl who did make-up did amazing too!

Lina Lomeli - yea amy is the founder/artistic director/ choreographer genius of fresNO dance COllective (noco) =) lol… id love to be able to build my own set for a shoot!!

Adam Allen Photography - Oh no way? Thanks I’ll fix that!

Lina Lomeli - noco isn’t a studio… its a company =) great job you two =) Amy looks fierce!