High Fashion Portraits With Meredith in Fresno CA

I was recently able to sit down with Meredith and use a new method of building a concept. This new method enables both the subject and the photography to form a concept that both relate to and love. We decided on two concepts. One was the joy of freedom. The other was the anxiety of a new relationship, inspired by the song Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey.

We partnered with Bryana BMK for makeup, and I built the red room set up just for the photos. I LOVE this sort of team work and getting the chance to build an entire set just for my photos. This is what we came up with together.


2_DSC7560Meredith Fresno CA Photo6_DSC7588Meredith Fresno CA Photo11_DSC7643Meredith Fresno CA Photo14_DSC7661Meredith Fresno CA Photo18_DSC7699Meredith Fresno CA Photo21_DSC7732Meredith Fresno CA Photo23_DSC7740Meredith Fresno CA Photo28_DSC7788Meredith Fresno CA Photo32_DSC7838Meredith Fresno CA Photo34_DSC7855Meredith Fresno CA Photo38_DSC7912Meredith Fresno CA Photo44_DSC795947_DSC8032Meredith Fresno CA Photo50_DSC8056Meredith Fresno CA Photo57_DSC8101Meredith Fresno CA Photo58_DSC8108Meredith Fresno CA Photo59_DSC8114Meredith Fresno CA Photo61_DSC8126Meredith Fresno CA Photo67_DSC8160Meredith Fresno CA Photo72_DSC8182Meredith Fresno CA Photo


As I said, I built the red room set. I constructed it out of pine and Masonite. Then used paintable embossed wall paper. The window I used is from a hundred year old home my wife and I used to rent, that had their windows replaced and gave us a couple to keep. It was a very great blessing to be able to dream this idea up, them make it happen. In the past I’ve driven around to find abandoned homes, or just used the outdoors. For this shoot I knew this was exactly what I wanted it to look like, but knew that it was a slim chance I could find a place that looked like this. So I knew I had to build it. This has led to some really exciting plans for larger more elaborate sets for 2014. I’m really excited about it!



The sunlight created in the photos was simply done with a yellow gel placed over a flash and placed in the window. The leaves you see in the window are from a fake tree I placed there to make it feel more like it was a real home.

Thank you for letting me share with you. I hope you are able to express your heart in some way today.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen



Rita Hill - Love the dedication to do anything you set your mind to do. I’m currently working on a set my self. A bit different but will soon post also. Nice work Adam.

George N Margie Watson - Congratulations Adam, these are beaufiful!

Linda Mello - Awesome job, Adam!!! Wow!

Billy Saint-Tropez - Superbe!

Adam Allen - I will send you the link!

Bryana Bmk Faces - Oh my gosh! How can I get ALL of these!?

Amado Rivas - You’re my camera hero! These are awesome!

Tina Furton Quillen - Great job Adam!

Aaron Gathright - Great work, Adam!

Rachel Bell - Absolutely beautiful! Well done!

Raimey Allardyce - Awesome!

Adam Allen - Thanks guys!

Heidi Coffey - Wow that set looks awesome!!

Brooke Westlund - Very cool!