Before and After – TTV Photo

I wanted to share this before and after because it’s probably the photo most people mistake for being “photoshopped” and “over-processed” when in actuallity, all I’ve done to the photo is some color enhancements.


This photo was done with an old technique call TTV which stands for Through The Viewfinder. You basically take a maco lens, an old waste level camera, set up your shot with the waste level camera, then take a picture of the view finder with the macro lens. It’s pretty simple.

Before (Straight Off of Camera):

TTV photo

After (Color enhancements done in photoshop)

As you can see, the only things done in photoshop here, were the color enhancements, and removing that glare from the window in the back.


That’s it. Thanks a lot for letting me share with you, friends. I hope you express your heart in some way today.

God Bless You,
-Adam Allen


Josh Luna - pretty sick.

Josh Luna - pretty sick.

Josh Luna - pretty sick.

Anny - Lovely!