Christmas Music


From Christmas of 2009


Many people are talking about Christmas music. Our local stations have begun playing it, and shops like Macy’s have a Christmas tune every fifth song. This reminded me of my favorite Christmas Collection, the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs (Christmas album). If you haven’t heard, or BOUGHT, any of the Hotel Cafe` Winter Songs album you’re holidays are not complete. Brilliant and modern, some covers and some original songs. Here’s my favorite song on the first album:

I remember hearing the album, many years before we knew we wanted to have a child. It would remind me of the Christmas music that my mom would play every year. She had Christmas music playing, and nearly every day we would set up a new part of the Christmas decorations. One thing for sure, my mom made Christmas magical. She had elaborate decorations for our trees. Yes, trees. I had my own G scale train set just for the tree, and a second H scale set. The trains were my most favorite part of the days leading up to Christmas. Christmas music takes me back to setting up those trains.
listening to Hotel Cafe Winter Songs took me back there too. It sparked the curiosity that if we did have kids, what would be there Christmas music? I’m so excited to make Christmas magical for Johnny. To expose him to great Christmas music, to explain why we celebrate it, to give him that thing he wanted so bad but we “couldn’t afford it” at the time, to form traditions, to help him put together his train sets, to share the stories behind each of our annual Christmas ornaments, to take him to the Christmas tree farm, to build a Christmas chain with him, to pick out Sarah’s gifts with him, to bundle him up for cold walks/drives to see the decorated homes, to feed him Charlotte Hotz’ fudge, to tuck him in on Christmas Eve’s Eve, and to just give him loving warm memories.

I’m just plain excited to create these memories for Sarah and my Johnny.


Rhonda Kane - Accidentally hit enter before I was done… So glad you & Sarah get to begin experiencing the joy of sharing Christmas with your own child. I’m sure it will bring you so much joy. Here’s to new traditions!!!

Rhonda Kane - Children make The Christmas season so much more magical and they are the best reason to slow down and not only, teach them what Christmas is really about, but live it as their example.

Julie White - Love, love, love CHRISTmas such a special time to bad we can’t keep all the Decorations and lights up all the time. Well I guess I could but people would probably think I was little off in the head 😉 oh wait they already do!

Sarah Allen - Great post, darling! I’m excited to carry on and start new traditions with you and Johnny.

Adam Allen Photography - Awe… Wow thank you melony!

Melony Lemon Holt - That made me tear up! Adam you are such a beautiful person! Johnny is so lucky to have you and Sarah has parents!