Favorite Photographers (Part One)

The above images were inspired by some of the photographers featured in this post.

Today I would like to begin sharing my favorite photographers with you.

I’m really excited to share with you my list of favorite photographers. I love lists! Not “to do” lists, just lists of things I love or hate. No clue why.

For guitar I have a top five favorite guitar player list; Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Tom Morello, Mike Einziger, and Steve Miller. For some reason my lists are always in fives. There are like 20 guitar players tied for six through ten. There is no order for six through ten, and no static commonality within themselves. But they all either influence me, inspire me, or make me aspire to their level.

When I discovered my passion for photography I began to wonder if I would ever have a list of favorite photographers. My lists are not something that I sit down to decide. I feel it, like I feel a good guitar lick, or a good photograph. One day I’m looking at a portfolio and I feel an anxiety in my heart. A desire to “shoot like that.” Or their portfolio communicates something I didn’t understand before, or they make me realize that I can get better.

When I see one of my favorite photographer’s work I think one of three things; “I can do that”, “I have to do that”, or “How do I do that?”. But they all make me realize that I “can be better”, not “I should be better”. And the words, “when I grow up I want to be like…” always follow.

So my list, I’m starting it from the bottom. My photographers list is not complete. It has a few holes in the priority of favor. But I do have a list. So I’ll start with number six through ten.

Just like my guitar player list, this has no order of priority. Six through ten is more like a “sub number five” group.

Bobbi and Mike:
My friend Weston Cantrell introduced me to their work. They are real staples in the wedding industry. I love how intense their colors are. Obviously that’s my big attraction to them. They are Mpix spokesmen, and spoke at the Mpix booth at this year’s WPPI convention. Their website template looks pretty familiar….

Gavin Photography:
I stumbled onto this website by happy accident. Their weddings and fashion shoots are wonderful. I don’t know a whole lot about them. But they make me want to spend a few months in L.A. with a few models. Which isn’t all that impossible, since I only live three hours from L.A.

Shrader Photography:
Only in business since 2005. I stumbled onto this guys blog (which I can’t find anymore). Super inspiring words. He spoke about shooting every wedding like a “Rockstar Wedding” which, obviously, I identify with. His words really inspired me. However, Shrader’s portfolio doesn’t. He has some epic shots, specifically the one on his “Investment/Weddings” page. A glorious shot. But for the most part his colors, angles, and harsh light leave me wanting. But he has a very inspiring heart.

Jasmine Star:
Another big staple in the wedding industry. Be prepared to pay around $600 for one of her workshops at WPPI, and you better be one of the first people to sign up. It sells out within days. Brace yourself for this website. You will want to get married just so you can hire Jasmine. In her own words, “There are lots of great photographers in Orange County, people hire me because they like who I am.” She’s right, she’s charming and beautiful, you hear her say, “I love it when a bride becomes a friend.” Who can resist that? She’s only been in business for about three years. Been assisting people for many years prior. She quit Law School because she says this is what she loves. Wow! She also shoots nearly everything with a 50mm. Just like me!

Marc Janzen:
I met Marc in Fresno one time. He was really nice. I don’t really know him. We met once, and I think he was just being polite when he said, “yeah, look me up on facebook, we can chat.” I still haven’t chatted with him, “I’m too intimidated”. Though he did accept me as a “friend” and even “liked” one my photos. I almost fainted.

The Image is Found:
Very brilliant captures, and brilliant business people. I found there website while shopping for mine. Turns out my friend from church is old friends with their niece. She says there really nice.

Beamish Photography:
I didn’t understand that lens flare could be so beautiful until I visited Blake Beamish’ website. The man is brilliant with bokeh and lens flare.

He has a line of Photoshop plug-ins and a line of books through graphistudio. If you haven’t looked into Graphistudio you should. I heared Yervant speak at the WPPI convention. He’s very brilliant, and been in the industry for 25 years. I mean this guy is “the man” when it comes to brilliant color and high fashion status weddings. He’s a true gentlemen too. He would rather give a bride a tissue to wipe her tears, than take the opportunity to photograph her having a moment. Spend some time looking through his site. The guy is a real genius.

So that’s it. Like I said, there’s no particular order for this part of the list. They are all just people I think about when I think about good photography or good business strategies.

I hope that you also find inspiration from some of these people too. Please let me know what you think about some of them (or even all of them).

Thanks a lot for letting me share with you. I hope you express your heart in some way today.

God Bless You,
-Adam Allen