Four Year Anniversary!!! And the progress in my journey.

As of today March 14, 2013 I have been a photographer for four years. Praise God, I’m sincerely excited to share the story of this last year. I’ve learned so much about myself, photographic expression, and photographic technique.

Today I’m seeing Eric Clapton!!!!!!!!! This is seriously the best gift I could be given to celebrate my fourth anniversary. I was hired to shoot senior photos in Arizona, and part of the arrangement includes ninth row tickets to Eric Clapton! If you know me, you know what a big deal this is for me.

The most exciting thing for me, that occured in this year, is that I’ve learned to be content with where I am and who I am. More than content, I love it. I love where I am. Maybe it’s not exactly where I want to be in the near future (regarding my photography career). But, I’m where I want to be right now. Sarah and my marriage is the healthiest it’s ever been, we’re having a baby, and I’m able to pursue the artwork in a way I wasn’t able to last year.
I’m going to say that this year saw my biggest development toward who I am as an artist. I started the year in the middle of a “fast” if you will. I was not showing any of my creative work. I didn’t show anything to nearly anyone for six straight months. This gave me a great deal of insight as the idea of an audience was now gone. Now that I realized I was the only audience I asked, “what would I want to shoot if no one would ever see what I did?” I realized that what I wanted was much bigger than anything I can do on my own. I needed to team with more than just a model to generate the creative visions I had in my mind. I met Yadira Macias and that was the beginning of the journey toward the look I want to achieve. As you look through my creative work I think you’ll see the “look” developing all the way up to the last few pictures. There is STILL a great deal of reconciliation that I’d like to see occur between my wedding work and my creative work. That’s something I’ll be working on this year. As well as I have hardly any men in my portfolio. I’m going to take a break from shooting women while Sarah is pregnant, starting May 1st, and focus on only men for my portfolio. I’m very grateful for the dramatic and better articulated direction my creative work is going in. I’m really excited!

I want to say thank you to some very dear people. First to Sarah Allen who is sincerely my best friend and loves me so much, and truly supports me in all of my creative endeavors. This last year we have truly become closer than ever before. I’m grateful for the things we’ve learned about communication and how to better love one another. I love you Sarah and I’m so blessed that you are truly my best friend!

Thank you God for all the opportunities you’ve given me, and all the ways you’ve challenged me this last year. I’m happily surrendered to your will.

Thank you Steve Skibbie, Derek Lapsley, Adam Gerling, Jasen Masters, Carli Morgon, and Greg Moore for being such encouraging people to talk to. It means the world to me that I learn so much about myself and am challenged creatively just talking to each of you. Thanks you Yadira Macias for being a brilliant makeup artist, and for being a central part to my creative team. Thank you Danielle Lacey and Anahy Ruelas, for being such inspiring artists and close friends! It really means a lot to me that you are such real friends with Sarah and I in addition to being great artists that I glean so much inspiration from. Thank you Jo Julia Ramsey for always treating me like a rock star and being a good friend to Sarah and I. It was so awesome to finally get to meet you and be friends in real life. And we totally killed that wedding together! Thank you to my core group of best friends Sarah + Ryan Reynolds, Diana + Kyle Reynolds, and Dusti + Tyler Jones. Thank you for praying for me, for supporting Sarah and I, and for being honest friends during some of the hardest times of my life. I can honestly say that I am whole and stable now and you guys were an instrumental part of that. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t call you guys my best friends. Thank you Kathy + Tim Dersch and Christina Aguire for adopting me into your family, and being so supportive of Sarah and I. I Eric Clapton you guys so much. This list could seriously go on for SO very long. Thank you to all of my friends that I’ve been so fortunate to meet during this last four years.

So I’d like to share some of my favorite photos from this last year, and the reason they are either special to me, or important to my story.

The photo below was my first real successful articulation of a concept for me. The idea was Searching For Who I Am.

In December our friend Jo Ramsey, a photographer from Colorado, came all the way out to visit us and shoot a wedding.

I was also blessed to shoot a couple portraits of my dear friend while she was here.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you. I hope you find a way to express your heart today.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Adam Allen - @[741320037:2048:Jo Julia Ramsey] Oh just saw you posted this back in March? ha ha ha. That’s funny. had no clue you posted it.

Adam Allen - You’re very sweet Jo. I didn’t really tag anyone this time. I was busy watching Eric Clapton when this auto posted. ha ha. I’m excited for our baby too. Thank you for being a friend!

Jo Julia Ramsey - @[1280467127:2048:Adam Allen]… I thought I wrote this on your page…but it’s on my page…hmmm….

Jo Julia Ramsey - DUUUUUUUUUUDE! How are you not going to tell a sista geesh! I just love you and Sarah to bits and I am so incredibly thrilled that you are making another Allen! Your work has certainly progressed over the years! I am so excited to see where you go next, and am even more honored that I can call you my friend. Very awesome……Oh yeah…I totally still have your present from NY sitting here! Boy am I terrible at mailing things!

Christina Baltazar - Congratulations Adam! Your work is amazing! Keep it up and you will go far!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Adam Allen Photography - Thank you Kathy!

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

Kathy Varnell - Follow your dreams and do what you love!! Congrats and keep it up

George N Margie Watson - Congratulations! Wonderful pictures, you’ve come so far in your talent in such a short time. Many more years of success to you and Sarah.

Anahy - It’s been a real pleasure watching you grow as an artist and person! Rock on!