No-Thanksgiving Adam Allen Vlog

Sarah and I give thanks year round. It’s part of our faith. I don’t mean we have an attitude of thanksgiving. I mean we literally say “thank you” for many things, even the bad things that teach us lessons, all year round. So we joked that we should to “No-Thanksgiving” and list the things we are not thankful for. Here’s part of that list.

Feel free to share some things you’d like to say, “no thank you” to.

Thank you for letting me share with you. I hope you find a way to express your heart today.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Adam Allen - Okay

Paula Rodgers Hewitt - I don’t like that some people forget about you 364 days a year (365 in leap year), but suddenly remember on Valentine’s Day – because every advertisement reminds them. If you don’t have time the rest of the year, don’t waste my time on just one day.

Adam Allen - You’re welcome to say no thanks to valentine’s day. But I love that day. I use it to celebrate everyone I love.

Paula Rodgers Hewitt - That is so awesome Adam. You are the second couple I have met who live to give thanks all year round. I love the idea. Can I add another one to your list? Valentine’s Day! “NO THANKS!”

Adam Allen - Typical!!!!

Kyle Reynolds - Wanna go grab a taco later?? Oh wait, something came up.

Amado Rivas - It’s videos like this that make me thankful to call you a friend. This was hilarious! Lol! I do have to say no thanks to some of ur no thanks (don’t judge me, I never use UR) but it’s a free country and we can disagree…and I think that’s cool! 🙂

Lina Lomeli - I just died!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Adam Allen - Thanks friend!

We just don’t enjoy it. We’ll take john someday. But the lines and stuff. We just don’t find it fun. We respect that you like it though. You can say “no thanks” to my “no thanks” to Disneyland. Ha ha

Heidi Coffey - Omg this video was so you. Thank you, very entertaining. But I just what one bone to pick with you…what do you have against disneyland?!?!

Adam Allen - A lot of people are. But that’s okay. You can day “no thanks” to my “no thanks” to Disneyland. I’m glad you guys laughed!

Bethany Jane Nichols - My sister and I laughed so hard! But we are disappointed at the “no thanks” to Disneyland.

Adam Allen - I try!

Becky Hastings Giles - LOL you crack me up!!!!!