The day my sister became a Mom

Today, June 15th 2011, my little sister became a Mom. It’s kinda of a big deal.

I’m also now an Uncle. It’s my intention to be that fun Uncle that gives you candy when your mom won’t. Yeah, I’m that kind of guy.

I’m happy for my sister. Seeing little Darien in her arms, it’s an incredible miracle.

It also brings up a great deal of nostalgia for me. I miss my little sister. I mean the one that was five years old. I miss all the stupid things we did to entertain each other. I miss the sister I rolled up in a blanket, and pulled it to unroll her as fast as I could. The sister who’d ask me “why” a million times, and get frustrated because I always had an answer. The one that would put my pants on and pretend she was just a pair of legs (I’m five years older and about 18″ taller than Monica). I miss being there to hold her and pray for our parents when we could hear them fighting. I’d give a lot for that to be my only worry again. My parents and their loud argument over something trivial seems so small compared to the responsibilities we face as adults. But, I guess what I really miss is just being a kid with my sister.

It’s Darien’s turn now. It’s his turn to be a kid. For his greatest worry to be how much cake he’ll get on his birthday. To be ecstatic that Uncle Adam gave him ten whole dollars for his fifth birthday, or bought him that toy he’s been begging for. And to beg me to play just one more game with him.

It’s Monica’s and my turn to be the grown ups that have always been there. To be the people that he has no memory of as children. The people he’ll ask, “when did your mom let you get a Facebook? (If it’s still around)”, “what were cell phones like when you were a kid? (if they’re still around)”. It’s my turn to be told my music is old (most of it’s old now anyway), to be asked why I have so much hair on my face, to be asked why I have a big tummy,  or hear that I laugh like a monster.

Have a good time being a kid Darien. It feels like it will last forever. But before you’re ready, it’s leaves you with 18 candles and a ton of responsibility. But regardless, I love you. I’ll be here when the bee stings, when you need to cry cause your folks “just don’t get it”, when you need to know about God, Jesus, and the Bible. I’ll be here for the times when life just sucks, and when life is awesome. I’ll be here, and I’ll probably have my camera too.


Monica updating her Facebook status just before her C-section.undefined

Sarah anxiously waiting for Darien to come out of those doors.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Thank you for letting me share with you. I hope you find a way to express your heart today.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Anahy - Its true….you do laugh like a monster. :-p

Monica Allen - Well it’s about six almost seven months later. I never saw this; though I was looking for it after being told about it.
THIS IS A HEART BREAKER/ HEART WARMER? Who knows. It breakes my heart not being a child with you. My favorite memories is when you and I would play video games then suddenly break out in these weird, loud, SpongeBob type laughs! Or when we would catch ourselves finishing eachothers sentences. Or my favorite, do/say the samething at the same time. I miss you being my best friend.
Your right though. Its Darien’s turn to be that kid, and hopefully be that goofy and close with his brother. Thanks for taking me back, and reminding me how much fun it was to be a kid. Love you Adam. Can’t wait for your to spoil my son with the things I refuse to buy him 🙂

Theresa - What a great view of the day. I will never forget it. She makes such a wonderful mommy 🙂 <3

Cyndi Medina - Happy birthday Darien! This is such a sweet perspective on the day. You will absolutely love it! Auntie is my favorite, and the most special title I go by.

Kathy Etheridge Dersch - Enjoy! Sometimes it’s more fun being aunt and uncle than parents. 🙂

Terrie Puhek - Tears for me too.. What a wonderful brother and uncle they have…

Zackbrooke Davidann Fuller - tears. This is beautiful.

Rhonda - Wow. Thanks for making me cry!
Darien is one blessed little guy to have you for an uncle.

Janira - This too made cry. This was sweet and touching, Darien is lucky to have such s thoughtful uncle. You’ll be a great dad one day too! 🙂 Thanks got sharing this with us

Sarah Beaumont Hodson - That made me cry! Beautiful job and I’m sure this will go in the baby book 🙂 Congrats again “Uncle Adam” to you and your whole family!

Sarah - I love you and this is fantastic. Thank YOU for sharing your heart. Looking forward to making good memories with you and Darien.

Sharon Watson Prichard - That was beautiful, Adam!

Alexandrea Jewels Rodriguez - Adam, you are the best cousin anyone could ever ask for. This made me cry! You’re gonna be one cool uncle 🙂

Kathy Shankland Glascock - Adam that was beautiful. I cried as I read it. Congratulations Uncle Adam. 🙂

Val McCormick - Congratulations Uncle!!!