The Day Two of my Best Friends Became Parents

 November 1st 2012

Two of my best friends legally became the parents of Deonte Reynold’s today. I’m not going to bare the full story of my close friends Diana and Kyle here on the internet. Just know that Diana and Kyle are two people that I love with the deep part of my heart. After a great deal of prayer and consideration Diana and Kyle decided to foster to adopt. The Lord brought Deonte into their lives, and it was very evident that he was predestined to be theirs. Kyle and Deonte even have the same smile.

Today, in a small court room crammed with family and friends, a judge pronounced Diana and Kyle the parents of Deonte and announced that Deonte’s name was now Deonte Reynold’s. I watched a smile come across my friends faces in a way that I’ve never seen before. Joy, peace, relief, and unconditional love all manifest into a smile like non other. Emotions of joy and pride filled the room as many of us, I’m sure, remembered Deonte’s words when he was placed in their home. When he ran to them and declared, “I’m going to live with you forever!”

After taking one picture of Deonte he decided he wanted to take about 250 pictures with my camera. Pictures 2-6 are Mr. Deonte Reynolds photos.


My life is better for knowing you guys, Kyle and Diana, and you’re not even my parents! I’m here for you as a loving friend anytime you need anything. I’m very proud and excited for both you guys. Congratulations!

Also, I’m really sorry for whacking your son in the eye during our epic light-saber fight over his new stuffed animal “Snowy”.


Jessica Lynn Kelly Harrington - I had an energetic healer tell me this week after an hour session with moe and I…that “soulmates” come in many forms…I believe it because that dog and I are connected more than I am with any other living being I know of at this point!!!

Alison Maynard - what a special day! I am so happy for my cousin and his beautiful wife and son:) I cant wait to one day meet my new cousin Deonte! Much love

Sarah Burgeson - I read the blog…what a special thing for a friend to do by posting that. Congrats to the special family!

Sarah Burgeson - Congratulations and God IS good!

Darlene Rae Kelly - Congratulations to Kyle, Diana, and Deonte! These photos just fill my heart with joy. It is so totally awesome how the LORD ‘matches’ up families! Kyle and Diana will find Deonte is VERY much like them over the years. It’s how our God rolls!

Anahy - Congrats, everyone! What an awesome day!