Becca + Josh Hillside Garden in Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods

This last week I had the honor going out to Colorado Springs to shoot Becca and Josh’s wedding! It was a blast! They’re my kind of people, easy going, and devotedly in love. Becca and I met on Facebook about a year ago and we started talking about photography. Next thing I know she’s getting married to this awesome guy and I’m flying out to Colorado.

Becca and Josh got married at the Hillside Garden. It was perfect for Becca’s adventurous style. It was an awesome place. And we had a cloud roll in front of the sun just in time for the ceremony.

After the wedding we headed to Garden of the Gods and shot a few portraits there. Becca’s dog even jumped in a few shots!

While my wife and I were in Colorado we stayed with our photographer friend Jo Ramsey from Elevate photography. Which was awesome! Because Jo is a super talented photographer, and I was able to hire her to be my second shooter for the day.

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Thank you Becca and Josh for having me join you on your wedding day. I was sincerely honored to be a part of it, and to see how God has truly brought the two of you guys together!

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Anna Witt - Thanks for inviting us in for a looksie–and it looks very beautiful. And perfect. Many rich and trusty blessings wished for the one life you now share.

Carol Johnson - So love the so credible photos by such gifted photographers! Of coures think it might not be possible to have better subjects or settings…not partial at all! As Im only a grandmother. 🙂 Special that Sheriff included in a few shots! Thanks to all! Especially Abba Creator!

Ryan Anderson - Sweet! Such an awesome job Adam!

Melissa Klute - Absolutely gorgeous and so creative!

Ryan ERICKSON - A bird cage?! A first for sure. Looked like such a fun day. Great job!

Jo Julia Ramsey - I looks so great Adam! I think we made a good team yet again 😉 You are stellar friend! Becca is going to pee her pants when she see’s these!!