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Before and After – Kae Bee

I’ve decided that from now on Thursdays are my official “Before and After” day. I’m excited about it. The before and after for this week is featured from my recent quick shoot with Kae Bee. As you can see the colors were intensified as always, and I removed the building from the right side of […]

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Adam Allen Photography - Thank you so much, friend!

Christina Leanne - Can’t wait to have you shoot our wedding! Love seeing all the cool pics you post and the amazing stuff you do to them

Alex - This is amazingly awesome! LOVE IT!

A Blue Piano and a Sunset

At the end of 2010 Sarah and I sat down to discuss where exactly we wanted our business to go this year, next year, and in the next ten years. In an article in Rangefinder magazine we learned that in order to avoid being in a job we hate ten years from now, we have […]

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Alex - Wow. This is beyond awesome, and SO inspiring! I’m so happy that you posted this on my page, so happy!! I especially love the behind the scenes video. I’ve seen a few photographers doing this and it’s SO wonderful so I’ve been thinking to start doing it sometime soon, too! 🙂 Big hugs and keep up this wonderful creative work!

Anahy - I might be biased but I think this project is pretty freakin awesome! 😀

cheryl napier - I am Breanns cousin in so. cal I just wanted to say how much I love seeing the beautiful photos of her and her brother Jared, God has truelly given you a gift. Please continue to chase your dreams and may I say it’s wonderful that he has allowed you to do what makes you happy. Cheryl Napier

Tyler Jones - I love to see the creative stuff you come up with.

Derek Lapsley - Great stuff man!!

Create Custom Backgrounds for Your Blog or Website

It’s important to me (for as much as I can) to make all that I can in regards to my work. It is after all my expression. So I spent quite a bit of time designing a background for each of our websites and this blog. I’d like to share how to do that. It […]

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