Favorite Self-Portrait Artist


I’ve been blessed to share with you my favorite photographers list. But there is one person that needs to be added in her own separate category.

In the middle of last year I recieved a friend request from someone I did not know. This is not uncommon, and can be a blessing and a curse. I do not mind requests from people who will take the time to tell me they are interested in my photography. I do mind requests from people that I don’t know and, even after being asked who they are, won’t take the time to say something as simple as, “oh we don’t know each other. I just like your photos and was hoping to follow your work”. That’s all I need, just enough to know that you’re a real person.

Along with this friend request was a very nice message in my inbox. It simply said that a mutual friend had shown her my work, and that she liked it and wanted to see more. I accepted her friend request and did what we all try to act like we don’t do. I went through her photos. I started where I assume everyone starts, the profile photos. There in her profile gallery I found my heart feeling that inspired anxious feeling. I was certain that one of the most creative professional photographers in the world was taking this girls pictures. I eventually got the hint that all of these photos were taken by her!? She was taking these amazing photos of herself?

The artist I’m talking about is Anahy Ruelas. Pronounced Awnna – E. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and go “like” her fan page right now! Click Here!

I’ll never forget our first several conversations via Facebook messages. I had a lot of questions about how she was doing this. How she was making these images. Some are still a mystery to me. I had to ask, what camera, what lenses, and where she was getting her stock imagery. Her answer? A Nikon D5000, a 35mm f/1.8, and all the stock imagery is her own (except the butterflies). Yes that’s right! The cheap camera your cousin got for Christmas and a little DX lens. She didn’t even have a remote, she was using a timer!

As time has gone on Anahy has bought a D700 and a 50mm f/1.8. Basically the same set up as before, but with an immaculate full frame image sensor. However, I think we can all agree that Anahy is one of the greatest examples of it not being about your brush, but about how you use it.

Anahy, Sarah, and I are now all friends. We are blessed to have her help us with weddings and with other personal projects. She is a very selfless friend. There are many times when she posts new portraits, and I am just in awe. It’s hard to believe that I am friends with someone so brilliant. I don’t know if the world will ever recognize her for the amazing self portrait artist she is, but for now I’m glad that I’ve had a chance to see her work. I’m blessed to know the person behind these amazing images.


That’s her, my favorite self-portrait artist. Please do check out her website, or even send her a friendly email. She’s just awesome!

Thanks a lot for letting me share with you. I hope you express your heart in some way today.

God Bless You,
-Adam Allen


Dominic Byrne - Hi Adam

Having been a member of the Photo Critique group on Facebook I was very impressed with your images that you posted there. I followed your link to your site and you have a great mix of images. If I am honest I probably prefer some of the slightly lesser processed shots but always like good use of lighting and like to see it used imaginatively which you obviously do very well. I am fortunate enough to have worked with Joe McNally, Zack Arias and David Hobby amongst others so really appreciate what you are doing and look forward to seeing more of your work.
I particularly like your blog about getting things right in camera – so much easier than un-necessary processing afterwards.
….just a heads up as you will have an anonymous request on FB (they don’t seem to give the option of typing a message these days!)

Best wishes


Jo Julia Ramsey - Love it! I especially love the portrait with the “cone heads”! Who would’ve thought of that? …Oh, Anahy did 🙂

Marissa - I agree with everything said about Anahy! She is a totally awesome photographer and I’m glad she is recording the recognition for it!

Chrissie Spate - It is so awesome to read what Adam wrote about Anahy. She is such a wonderful person. And as always….LOVE the photos!

Maria Gruner - She is an amazing artist! and a very good friend indeed 🙂 I love what you wrote about her, Adam.

Alan Antiporda - Excellent blog and observations about Ms. Anahy, she is definitely creative and professional, but she also has an amazing sense of humor. Once again, a very nice tribute about serendipitous friendships.

Carrissa South - I agree. I have known this one- of- a- kind person sine high school. I love her, and it’s nice to see how much of her shines through her work. Your amazing Anahy! I’m glad you wrote this wonderful piece about her Adam, she deserves every beautiful word you wrote about her. Congratulations my friend! =) Love ya!

Caitlin Cantando - Anahy is an amazing photographer and person. I loved reading this awesome blog about her. She definitely deserves to be recognized for her beautiful work and you did an awesome job doing that. Love you miss Anahy! 🙂

P.S. The photo of yourself at the very top is awesome as well. Such a cool idea and great colors.

Anahy Ruelas - Where do I press the love button?! This made my year. Thank you for your very kind words. God bless you, friend.