Our cat President Yoda was laid to rest yesterday.

Our beloved gray cat was laid to rest yesterday after a long battle with diabetes.

Vice President Rachel has prepared a statement in honor of his passing.

“RIP President Yoda Today President Yoda was laid to rest. As his VP I always admired his fierce attitude and strong command presence. President Yoda had very kind heart and was always available to lend an ear and offer a few succinct words of encouragement. He will be dearly missed. Enjoy Cat Heaven President Yoda, it’s time for you to rule the skies and cast your love from above.”


Sarah especially appreciates your thought, prayers, and condolences. Thanks you friends.

God Bless You,

-Adam Allen


Jo Julia Ramsey - AND I am totally called Sarah Sar-HA from now on. I genuinely love it.

Jo Julia Ramsey - Oh nooooooooo. I am so sorry you guys. I’m sure he’s the boss in kitty heaven.

Sarah Gaul - So sad:(

Erik Collette - Terrible news! Sorry for your loss.

Linda Mello - :'( so sorry for your loss. i recently lost my sweet cat, SoShy. she was over 10 yrs old. i had her cradle to grave.